Top Luxury Watch Brands in the World

[tps_header]The Blog Design Limited Edition did a little research and found out the top 10 luxury watch brands in the world. The list includes a few surprises. See for yourself!Luxury, exclusivity, and art are three best words to define and understand top 10 watch brand in the worlds. They allow us to keep dreaming with high-quality lifestyle and, of course, enjoying the best of the worlds: all that treasures waiting for us![/tps_header]


Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands in the World

Rolex is a Swiss company that demands respect in terms of tis iconic culture, marketing prowess and turnover. Founded in 1915, Rolex is a powerful brand. Watchmakers at Rolex focus on crafting a comfortable design that is easy to fix. According to their website the word “‘Innovation’ can only begin to describe [the brand].”