LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive Furniture

Heralding a new, highly selective approach to luxury design events, LuxuryMade takes place within a unique setting, some of which has been hidden from public view for over 20 years: Olympia’s Pillar Halls. Design Limited Edition invites you for this private tour among the very best of luxury furniture brands!

bl-limited-edition-750The inaugural edition of LuxuryMade is the selection of the very best manufacturers showcasing contemporary decorative and luxury furnishings, furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories.

LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive FurnitureThis unique design event is part of the London Design Festival 2016. Discover some of the exhibitors that will be present!


LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive FurnitureEstablished in 1927, Cassina has been designing the future for almost 90 years. Cassina operates at an industrial level in the contemporary furnishing sector, with special skills relative to upholstered furniture and wood and leather working as well as with other precious materials. It produces chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, furniture items and beds. Some of the basic objectives of the company strives for the highest quality through an excellent combination of industrial technology and artisan manufacturing procedures, the ever-increasing development of its own research capacities at what is already an internationally recognised level and the preservation of its historical values and traditions.

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LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive FurnitureLasvit sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes it into the next millennium, combining the authenticity of glass with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. In a few short years, Lasvit has established itself as the authority delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass. Collaborations with renowned designers and artists also produce unique glass collections.

Marc de Berny

LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive FurnitureWelcome to the talented and brilliant world of Marc de Berny with exquisite visions of furniture, lighting and decor, where elegance, chic, well-being and comfort always respond to two demands: the spirit of places and the expectations of their inhabitants. Bespoke products can also be manufactured for high-end residential and luxury hotel projects.

Margam Jones

LuxuryMade: The Ultimate London Design Event for Exclusive FurnitureMargam Jones, with her three talented partners and a skilled workforce, has attracted the attention of top designers nationally and internationally, where bespoke tassels, tie-backs and soft-furnishing accessories grace luxury hotels, residences and prestigious buildings and yachts. A vast range of styles, colours and sizes in many finishes are available.

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Sebastian Blakeley

The tactile, crafted woodwork of Sebastian Blakeley embraces his profound respect and knowledge of sustainable timbers, manual skills and natural finishes. His Designs perform the perfect balance of this with the combination of semi-industrially produced aluminium or steel components. Sebastian Blakeley fuses rich English craftsman heritage with an Italian Industrial Design influence producing highly original collectable limited editions.

7-sebastian-blakeleyBoca do Lobo team will also be there. Let us know if you would like to meet with them…

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