Macallan Finish its Six Pillars Collection with a 65-year-old Whisky

Are you a lover of luxury and limited-edition drinks? Then, this is the perfect masterpiece for you! Macallan, in partnership with luxe crystal maker Lalique, announced the final piece of its Lalique Six Pillars Collection: the Peerless Spirit 65-year old whisky. This limited edition single malt is a collector’s delight.

Macallan and Lalique introduced five exquisite single malts in handcrafted bottles. The limited edition line has now announced the sixth and final addition of a 65 year-old-whisky. It is one of the oldest and rarest ones ever released by the distillery. Matured in exceptional sherry seasoned oak casks, the spirit has a rich flavour and beautifully natural colour exuding notes of honey, vanilla, cinnamon and Moroccan dates.

Macallan Finish its Six Pillars Collection with a 65-year-old Whisky
The decanter itself is a work of art. It takes elements from the blow-and-pinch technique used by René Lalique for many of his perfume bottles. All the six bottles take inspiration from a design or a specific technique from Lalique’s heritage.

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2Peerless Spirit has been designed by Marc Larminaux, the brand’s creative director, and it holds some of the Macallan’s oldest whisky, which was aged for 65 years in sherry-infused oak casks (just think of all that angels’ share).


With only 450 decanters available worldwide, the $35,000 price tag (almost) feels like a steal for a bottle that’s all but guaranteed to become a collector’s piece.

4After all, the Macallan has produced the ten most expensive whiskies sold at auction, including a 64-year that was sold through Sotheby’s in 2010 for an astronomical $460,000.

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Macallan 65 Years Old Peerless Spirit will be limited to only 450 individually numbered decanters, each priced at $35,000 (approx. INR 23 lakhs).


More than just a collection, the Six Pillars are also an amazing tour, or a luxurious experience, through the Macallan’s rich spirit.  After a thorough immersion into the world of The Macallan, you will experience a nosing and tasting of four The Macallan whiskies as well as their very foundation, our wonderfully rich new make spirit.

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