Martell Cognac Launches Limited Edition Blend

Martell Premier Voyage is a £9,000 limited-edition blend, but you can savour a glass at Annabel’s and The Connaught. Know more about this luxury limited edition and taste Martell CognacIt’s worth it!


Several world’s best cognac brands are celebrating the 250th or 300th anniversary and launching cognac limited editions has been the principal way of celebrating these amazing dates. Martell Cognac is the oldest of the great cognac houses and to celebrated her anniversary created a £9,000 limited edition blend presented in a custom-designed artwork. Martell Premier Voyage is the commemoration of Martell Cognac tricentenary and has been presented at an intimate dinner at Annabel’s private club. Benoît Fil was the host of the event and explained the concept behind the blend, with 18 eaux-de-vie.

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Martell Cognac Launches Limited Edition Blend

Jean Martell footsteps were retraced by Benoît Fil, visiting the winegrowing families whose ancestors has originally supplied the brand’s founder between 1735-1742 to create the blend. The stunning artwork of the blend has been created by the hands of Bernar Venet, a French conceptual artist, known for his large-scale sculptures. 1715, the data the cognac house was born, is Venet inspiration.

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Martell 2

The teardrop decanter sits on a triangular plinth, framed by three clusters of Corten steel arcs. The exclusive cognac can only be drawn from the decanter with a long elegant fusil, or pipette, adding a sense of ceremony to anyone lucky enough to drink this limited edition blend.

Martell Premier Voyage 2

Only 300 of Martell Premier Voyage have been created, each individually numbered, signed and produced to order. Alternatively, cognac lovers could raise a glass to the house’s 300th anniversary with the Martell Cordon Bleu. It pays homage to a blend originally made by Edouard Martell in 1912 and is aged in the same tricentenary barrels as Premier Voyage.

Martell Premier Voyage 1

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