McLaren 650S Luxury Car Driving Perfection

A Luxury Car is the dream of a car lover, but what about Driving Perfection? Today we give you details about the McLaren 650S the real two in one: a luxury car where you can literally drive perfection.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionMcLaren puts its expertise gained from over more than 50 years in Formula 1, serving its preferred customers. Its range is expanding at a rate of one craft model per year.

Thus, after the 12C Coupe, Spider and P1, the 650S is going to play opposite the equally mythical Ferrari 458 Speciale or Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionIt’s an unforgettable experience the dream that provides driving the new model by Woking.

When McLaren started the development of the McLaren 650S, 12C owners were consulted in order to develop their machine as close as possible to their desires. For example, engineers in Woking worked on a set of specifications, with the sole purpose of seducing again its loyal customers and attract new ones.

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Luxury Car Driving PerfectionAesthetically, the front is inspired by the exclusive P1 bringing an aggressive supplement that was missing, while the rear bumper modeled on the GT3 running in competition emphasizes its supercar character. Beyond the style, all visible elements advance 40% downforce compared to the already very efficient 12C.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionThe cabin or rather the cockpit alows the pilot to concentrate on the principal, passing landscape at high speed behind the windshield. On the console are located only a few switches required for take-off, or more precisely the maintenance of this vessel on earth descended from space offered to mere mortals like us.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionThe well pleased, settles into a carbon tub, he has chosen according to its morphology, for perfect driving position. This sleek and very sporty atmosphere, noted by some refinement touches like the colored stitching and alcantara that dresses the entire dashboard, which are forgetten as soon as you press the start / stop button. This action awakens the biturbo V8 behind our backs even more noise than 12C.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionHowever, we can count on an exceptional platform, including the “Proactive Chassis Control” by McLaren that individually manages the improved damping of each wheel continuously according to the road conditions for a rarely seen heading accuracy in the automotive world.

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Braking at the height of the acceleration, the 650S is the world champion in this field, and will never take the driver by surprise when cornering… which happens constantly driving this sublime machine.

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Luxury Car Driving PerfectionCould we reinvent and push the boundaries of perfection at the wheel of an exclusive luxury supercar? McLaren proves once again, as it tries to do in Formula 1, with unparalleled rigor. One feels it every second in the 650S without punishment.

Luxury Car Driving PerfectionSeems like a dream, but as you can see it’s not. An Amazing Design an Exclusive Edition for a Luxury Lifestyle, all in your Blog Design Limited Edition.

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