Meet The Eclectic Interior Designer Lenny Kravitz

Meet Lenny Kravitz the 51 years old singer-songwriter-actor and designer. Has been 10 years now that the fascinating Lenny Kravitz, created a design studio in the heart of New York, aiming to transform his eclectic lifestyle in global, innovative and dynamic solutions for design.


He has launched his collection for the Chicago Brand CB2, a collection of 20 pieces inspired from the 70s: rugs, chandeliers, side tables, pillows and a coffee table topped by a sheep wool cushion. “The objective as to create a collection that represents my personal style and what inspired me during my travels” says Kravitz. The collection since October that is available in the stores of CB2.

Meet the eclectic interior designer Lenny Kravitz


The French designer Philipe Starck described Lenny as “a weapon of massive construction” and we couldn’t agree more, while admiring his works. There is no big surprise to this talent, considering that he is a style icon. In the past Lenny has already contributed in the design of luxury and bespoke projects, such as for the design of the Florida Room at the Delano Hotel in Miami and the recording studio as The Setae, Miami.

Meet the eclectic interior designer Lenny Kravitz

“Style is being with yourself” affirms Lenny, an affirmation that we couldn’t agree more, from decorating his home, creating a comfortable and cozy space for himself, he went further to decorating and creating luxury, elegant, aesthetic spaces for big hotels and resorts.Meet the eclectic interior designer Lenny Kravitz

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He loves leather, most of all things and his first L shaped crocodile skin sofa is a strong demonstration this affection. BISHA Hotel and Residences was another very ambitious and successful project that Lenny took part into. Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment together with Kravitz Design Inc. collaborated to the interior design of this bespoke environment, where one of the floors is completely inspired and lead by Lenny Kravitz.

Meet the eclectic interior designer Lenny Kravitz

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Below you can check some of the best projects of Lenny, like Queen Latifah Show, Paramount Bay, SLS Tower Penthouse, SLS Villa Penthouse, The Florida Room, Setai Recording StudioMeet the eclectic interior designer Lenny Kravitz

meet the eclectic interior designer lenny kravtiz Paramount Bay LEnny

meet the eclectic interior designer lenny kravtiz interior design limited

meet the eclectic interior designer lenny kravtiz villa florida penthousemeet the eclectic interior designer lenny kravtiz studio recording


We thought that the best words to use for closing this article, were not ours, but the ones of  Philipe Starck when he describes Lenny : He is an explosion of all talents, and unlimited boiling bucket of culture, a daily firework, a tireless explorer”

Tell us which of the projects you liked more, we would love to know ! If you liked this article then don’t miss Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations.

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