Mercedes-Benz Releases the Most Luxurious Golf Cart on the World

Made in collaboration with Garia, the so-called “real sports car” prototype made its debut at the Royal Troon, where golf aficionados marveled at the vehicle’s sleek design and features. Mercedes-Benz name is synonymous with luxury and high-performance, so it’s only right that the German car manufacturer’s first try at the golf cart lives up that high standard.

bl-limited-edition-750Notable highlights include a refrigerator placed underneath the beach seat, a high-resolution touchpad which displays everything from the vehicle’s power consumption to the court layout, and a stowage tray underneath the dashboard for golf balls. Boasting a top speed of 30 km/h, the street-legal golf cart can travel up to 80 km on a single charge.

2Mercedes-Benz and Golf go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense that Mercedes chose the 2013 Open Championship as the ideal venue for them to unveil their all-electric Vision Golf Cart.

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Mercedes-Benz Releases the Most Luxurious Golf Cart on the WorldOn the inside, the futuristic looking golf cart has nothing but the most modern technologies, controlled almost entirely by the cart’s touch screen. Dock any of your Apple devices and you can control them along with numerous features of the golf cart, including music, the speakers, air conditioning, etc.  The heart of the Vision’s interior design centers around keeping you connected, with the Mercedes Vision Golf Cart allowing you to easily connect with the golf clubhouse, receive weather and game updates, share your digital scorecard with other golfers or post your hole-in-one photo instantly.

Mercedes-Benz Releases the Most Luxurious Golf Cart on the WorldThe cart also takes its styling and comfort from Mercedes-Benz cars as well, with ergonomically heated and ventilated sculpture-like seats that offer the same level of comfort and control you’d expect in a car. The Mercedes AIRSCARF ensures you stay warm and can keep the cart open even in cooler temps.

5When the AIRSCARF isn’t enough to keep you comfortable lightweight doors can be clicked in, while a lightning rod can be popped up in the event you weren’t keeping tabs on the weather situation.

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The designers did not just build the golf cart for the golf course – it’s also able to run on normal roads with all the vital features needed – indicators, headlamps and tail lights.


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