Milan Design Week 2019 – Discover Brera Design District

Milan Design Week is just days away, and after bringing you a guide to the design districts, we here at Design Limited Edition are not stopping!

The ‘Salone del Mobile’ and ‘Fuorisalone’ define Milan Design Week, premiering the latest trends for the forthcoming year and heralding a tidal wave of events, exhibitions, and presentations.  Although the events are usually scattered throughout the city, the Fuorisalone recognizes a series of main districts, where the best and most spectacular design events take place, such as the Brera Design District.

Brera Design District

 The Up armchair by Gaetano Pesce

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

The Up armchair, a marvellous piece of art that portrays a political statement by Gaetano Pesce, will be a leading art installation for Milan Design Week 2019. The original piece from the Italian designer and architect was used to underline the treatment of women in a patriarchal society and the inequality of the sexes in what was perhaps the first industrial design project imbued with a political statement.

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Bang&Olufsen “93 Years”

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

Danish electronics brand Bang & Olufsen is set to stun visitors at Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone exhibition this year with an interactive installation spanning its 93-year history. The brand’s atmospheric Fuorisalone installation will display a diverse, yet characteristic body of work, ranging from 1930s classics such as the Hyperbo 5G Steel and Beolit 39 bakelite radio to the iconic designs of the 1970s and 1980s including the Beogram 4000 record player and Beosound 9000 sound system.

Address: Via Brera, 13, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Melissa and Campana: Special Collection and Installation

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

Melissa presents an artistic installation during Fuorisalone celebrating the partnership with Campana brothers.

The crochet pieces are assembled in a pyramidal structure in the centre of the main hall, immersing the visitor in Melissa’s universe and in the heritage of one of the most long-lived and successful collaborations in its history.

Address: Via Palermo 1

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“Sense of Nature” Installation of Japanese Crafts Brand by KORAI

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

KORAI expresses the harmony of “nature and home” through crafts from all over Japan and conveys the beautiful appearance and tactile characteristics of Japanese crafts, delivering coolness to the cities of the world.

Address: Galleria Seno, Via Ciovasso, 19, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Nodus, Exto, Matì, Extendo, Leolori

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

The exclusive district of Brera, meeting point of the design excellence, hosts an exceptional project born from the synergy of five Italian brands Nodus, Exto, Matì, Extendo, and Leolori – united by their passion for quality and research.

Address: Basilica San Simpliciano – Piazza San Simpliciano, 7

“Essentially Diverse”

Milan Design Week 2019 - Discover Brera Design District

Brought together by a unified narrative that offers sensorial experiences, the exhibition Brazil: Essentially Diverse is an expression of the plurality and colours that sprout from Brazil, presenting the uniqueness of their material culture and focusing on its roots and transformative power. A place you must visit during Milan Design Week 2019.

Address: La Permanente – Via Filippo Turati, 34


From 8–14 April this year, Milan will welcome the world to Milan Design Week and you are invited to be amazed by the incredible events happening all around the city such as in the Brera Design District!

By: André Silva

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