Montblanc New Limited Edition Heritage Metamorphosis Pen

Inspired by heritage, luxury Maison introduces its first ever transformable ornament on a writing instrument that can be worn as a jewelry piece. So, take a look at Montblanc New Limited Edition Heritage Metamorphosis Pen!


limited edition

Montblanc debuted its spider-inspired pen in 1920. Nearly a century later, the brand revisits the same theme for its new limited edition fountain pen, set in solid white gold adorned with 13 carats of diamonds worth US$625,000.


The spider is an ancient symbol that has been a recurring metaphor in the works of acclaimed authors and poets since the late 18th century. Paul Valéry and Francis Ponge are prominent figures amongst creators who frequently feature spiders in the form of literature and art. So, too, has it been rendered as inspiration for pen-makers to work the widely-celebrated spider web motif into their works.

This exquisite pen is exemplary of Montblanc Heritage expertise in pairing high artistry with the precision of pen-making to craft a truly functional yet wholly sculptural writing instrument. With advanced stone-cutting techniques and Montblanc’s know-how in nip crafting, this unique collection features hand-engraved and polished three-dimensional spider’s web motif, adorned with 13 carats of diamonds.


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 To top off the gorgeous design, the pen set comes with a bangle and a clip, possibly in endearment of Ovid’s “The transformation of Arachne” in Metamorphoses, as the cap bears a transformative feature with a detachable spider that can be converted into a piece of jewellery: a bangle bracelet, tiepin or brooch.


limited edition

The new collection is a special edition with a unique vision in gold, diamonds and precious stones available in white, champagne and red. The white and champagne gold cap and barrel are paved with brilliant-cut stones. The detachable objet d’art that accompanies the pen is made from a pearl-cut diamond, 1.07-carat oval-cut Myanmar ruby and 12.36-carat Burmese star sapphire for the respective colors, and its legs set with 16 diamonds.


limited edition

And if that isn’t enough dazzle, the pen’s clip is set with a baguette diamond. The 18-karat gold nib is engraved with the likeness of the eight-legged captivating creature and is set with two brilliant-cut diamonds. This is the first time the luxury Maison introduces a transformable ornament on the writing masterpiece. The adoption of literacy metaphors sees the beginning of the brand weaving its way to greater creative excellence.


limited edition

Dazzling precious stones meticulously cut and set on intricate webs crafted from precious gold. With unbound creativity, high precision and technical skill, the spider weave its way from a literary metaphor to the precious writing instrument and transformable ornament.


limited edition


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