Montegrappa new luxurious version of classic cigar pen

Which qualities do make your preference in terms of luxury pen? The aesthetic and design attributes may be the first thought for most of us, or perhaps desiring a pleasing weight that feels secure in the hand.


Montegrappa, however, have other bigger ideas. The Italian luxury brand have teamed up with Polish company Wealth Solutions to create a lavish, limited edition pen that comes pre-filled with a drop of a 275-year-old rare cognac.


Even with activists leading anti-smoking campaigns with full fervor and puffing up a tobacco roll hardly being considered glamorous, the rebellious clan of cigar connoisseurs who are always on a lookout for divine tobacco creations still does exist. Montegrappa cater to their guilty pleasures minus the tobacco and recently re-introduced the traditional expensive cigar in the form of its novel writing instrument.


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Precisely 20 years after the brand introduced its first cigar collection, it is back to please the deluxe smokers (and writers) with the Cigar Pen Design. Designed to look just like its inspiration, the luxe writing instrument dons the cigar-like appearance in a light brown hue and pearlized streaks that resemble organic tobacco leaves. To nail the perfect form and size, it comes without a pocket clip and is sized 152 mm in length and 15.08 mm in diameter, much like the “Laguito n.2”.


To fool you further with its appearance, the Pen also dons a rounded tip along with a fully operational puncher that hides stealthily in its cap. Being a Montegrappa creation, the Pen boasts of obvious rich elements such as an 18-k gold nib with a quintessential filigree pattern. The Cigar Pen will be offered to buyers in Sterling Silver or 18k Gold trims in the fountain pen or rollerball versions. If all the cigar impersonation still fails to please you, the pen also comes wrapped in a special tobacco leaf packaging.

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Speaking about cigars inspiration, in case you are a cigar lover or treasures collector we would like to recommend the fantastic Private Collection by Boca do Lobo.

Boca do Lobo Studio , in order to satisfy the demands of the most exquisit clients, created a new collection designed for those who possess fascinating secrets and the desire to preserve them. With Private Collection, all your treasures will be safe in your own secret place, your exclusive and unique world.

It is possible to adapt a cigar humidor in all the safes but there are one safe specificly created for the purpose of keeping this luxury good in the finest place – as it deserves.

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Symphony humidor is the perfect place to keep your luxury cigars, providing constant humidity to store cigars in the best conditions. The air inside the case is kept moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist as well. Symphony is lined in brass pipes because it is always a pleasant experience to smoke a fine cigar while enjoying good music.

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