How Palace of Versailles Inspired Dior High Jewellery Collection

The Palace of Versailles is a beacon of luxury that represents Louis XIV statement of ostentation, and that is why Dior felt so inspired to create their newest High Jewellery Collection. Stay tuned for today’s Limited Edition segment and discover jewellery pieces worthy of royalty.


Versailles and the house of Dior are related in many ways. When Christian Dior first started his couture house, he asked a famous decorator called Victor Grandpierre to decorate his home in the style of Marie Antoinette and the Petit Trianon.

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Appartements des Mesdames Moulure ring in white and pink gold, blackened silver, diamonds and pink sapphire


Galerie des Glaces necklace in white and pink gold, platinum, blackened silver and diamonds

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The designer behind this incredible pieces was Victoire de Castellane, and creating these luxury items wasn’t an easy task. In her words: “The idea for the collection came to me very quickly, but to design it took about three months”.

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The surface of the new ring “Dior à Versailles”, is as glassy and gleaming as a newly polished mirror, while the small niche within is a shining half-pipe of platinum.


This stunning piece is, of course, inspired by both that sumptuous French château and its most famous inhabitant, Marie Antoinette.

The Salon de Mars Baguette earrings place hexagonal emeralds between beautifully complicated diamond flourishes, contrasting with the emerald and giving it more glow.

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The mismatching Salon de Diane earrings in white and pink gold, blackened silver, platinum, diamonds and emeralds

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