Pepe Calderin’s Million Dollar Penthouse: Where Luxury Meets Imagination

Located in Miami this wonderful house by Pepe Calderin is a dream home, facing one of the most luxurious marinas in the city, it presents us with an incredible view! Located in a quiet area, this house is close to major business centers as well as nightlife venues, with easy access to beautiful beaches. Inspired by the elegance and light of Miami contrasted with the eccentricity of the designer Pepe CalderinBoca do Lobo will show you the best of both worlds.

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Get inspired with this interior design by Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin - Outside view of the house. White and grey color with a view of downtown.

Pepe Calderin embarked on this adventure and designed this beautiful house in Miami — “Creating this project was so much fun. This was a project to think out of the box and to manifest how great and limitless a space can be. Being free and having an open mind and heart for every project is my main creative process. I open myself to the unknown.”— stated Pepe Calderin.

Pepe Calderin - Big living room, green and white sofas with green rug and a center table.

You’ll find yourself in living room that redefines luxury and style. The focal point of this exquisite space is a vibrant green rug adorned with an intriguing snake motif, infusing the room with an air of daring sophistication.

Pepe Calderin - Large green and grey rug with a snake. Grey and white sofa with gold details and a stainless steel center table.

Complementing this daring choice are plushcomfortable seating arrangements that invite you to relax and unwind. However, what truly steals the show are the two stunning Diamond center tables. These tables, with their gleaming surfaces and contemporary design, effortlessly fuse elegance with innovation.

Diamond Center Table

Pepe Calderin - Diamond center table with gold detail

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Pepe Calderin - Dining space with green dining chairs, a gold detail dining table and a gold  suspension lamp.

The dining room in Pepe Calderin‘s Miami dream house is a blend of opulence and artistic design. Rich in golden details, it exudes an aura of lavishness and extravagance. The dining chairs, with their dark and luxurious upholstery, offer a striking contrast to the overall ambience. At the heart of this sophisticated space stands Heritage dining table, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. The fusion of glass and artistry in the Heritage dining table creates a harmonious union of functionality and aesthetics.

Heritage Dining Table

Pepe Calderin - Hand Painted tile Sepia Dining Table with gold details and glass top

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Pepe Calderin - kitchen with a white marble table with four chairs in red fabric. Four bar chairs in gold details and a high table

The kitchen dining space offers a delightful departure from traditional design. With a playful and vibrant touch, this area features bold red chairs that infuse the room with energy and character.

Pepe Calderin - White marble dining table with four chairs in red fabric. Marble floor and brown and white walls

The focal point of the space is the striking Pietra Estremoz dining table, a testament to timeless elegance. Its marble surface captures the eye with its natural beauty and veining patterns, creating a sense of luxury and refinement.

Pietra Oval XL Estremoz Dining Table

luxury houses - marble dining table
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“A space has no boundaries and has endless possibilities.” — Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin - Living space in white and dark tones. White sofa and two brown armchairs with a white marble center table

Imagine the perfect place for a cosy day indoors, where you can curl up and watch a movie on a Miami afternoon. This living room is a true mid-century haven with its plush furnishings and inviting ambience. At the heart of this mid-century-inspired space is the Navarra center table, which bridges the gap between contemporary design and timeless elegance.

Navarra Center Table

Pepe Calderin - White marble center table with gold detail

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Pepe Calderin - Bedroom with dark and golden accents. Dark bed and a green armchair, white walls and a white and black rug.

This room beautifully marries dark and golden accents, creating a visual contrast. What adds a touch of whimsy to this elegance is a charming blue armchair, which adds a playful pop of colour and character to the room.

Pepe Calderin - Bedroom in dark and golden accents, a golden nightstand, white walls and a black and white rug

The Wave nightstands not only provide functional storage but also seamlessly blend with the room’s overall design, creating a harmonious and balanced look.

Wave Nightstand

Pepe Calderin - Wave golden nighstand with a drawer

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Pepe Calderin - Clean bathroom, black diamond bathtub, marble wall, light ceiling and a black stool

The most exclusive bathroom in Pepe Calderin‘s Miami dream house is a private retreat that defines luxury and tranquillity. The centrepiece of this opulent oasis is the Diamond bathtub, a true masterpiece. Here you can escape the world and find solace, a place where time stands still, and you can truly feel at peace.

Diamond Bathtub

Pepe Calderin - diamond black bathtub with high gloss gold finish

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Pepe Calderin - Game room in dark and red accents. A snooker table and a bar in dark tones with three bar stools.

The game room with an adjacent bar is a space designed for leisure and entertainment. The highlight of this room is the Metamorphosis snooker table, which boasts a playful and remarkable design that sets the tone for enjoyment.

Metamorphosis Snooker Table

Pepe Calderin - Detailed snooker table in black and red
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What do you think about this million-dollar penthouse by Pepe Calderin?

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