Rajmahal Palace: Boutique Hotel in Jaipur

The Rajmahal Palace was once home of the Maharajah of Jaipur and used as a hotel by the Queen, Jackie Onassis, Lord Mountbatten and generations of Indian royalty. After a tour of the propriety, the queens and the presidents would rest in their luxury rooms with exquisite views, like peacocks parading in the Persian-inspired gardens and fountains gurgling amid beds of white roses.

Around three centuries later, Princess Diya Kumari, the Maharajah’s daughter gave it a make-over, in collaboration with Indian Designer Adil Ahmad. Together they created an Indian Boutique Hotel.

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Everything about it is bold, not only the design but also the vivid colors used in every room. The walls have been decorated with 46 different styles of hand-blocked paper, some of which feature polo horses, and others the royal insignia.

Lurid pink and midnight blue chairs are used to decorate some of the rooms and the Maharajah’s and Maharani’s Suite feature original art deco furniture and a rich color scheme. Every room has its own chandelier and woven carpets and 10ft-high paintings of exotic birds and maharajahs.

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For those of you, who would rather spend a night in a room with softer tones, many of the hotel’s 14 suites have been decorated in colors that are cooling and calming in the dry desert heat.

Suits like the baby-blue Mountbatten, have a private living space overlooking the gardens, high-tech music and television systems, and a bathroom in white-marble.

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If you wish to have dinner in the comfort of your suite, staff who are polished from the tops of their turbans to the royal insignias on their bass buttons, will serve you fruit platters at breakfast and salads at lunch, or rich Indian feasts at night.

The hotel is also happy to arrange any activities you would like to pursue, such as visits to private hotels, or shopping trips to exclusive artisan’s workshops.

The hotel also features a huge outdoor swimming pool, a spa suite that offers Ayurvedic treatments, two shops where you can buy local treasures, such as items created by Ahmad like wallpapers or glaswear, and Kashmir Loom.

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