Ralph Lauren Launches a Limited Edition Polo Collection

Ralph Lauren is one of the high end brands to try its hand at the limited edition world with the launch of its Limited Edition Polo Collection.

Ralph Lauren Launches a Limited Edition Polo Collection

The program consists of a carefully curated selection of five collectible polo shirts, one of which will be released every month through November starting this week. Each style in the collection is a distilled version of Polo’s signature design aesthetic, amping up different aspects of the brands DNA: think classic Americana designs accented by collegiate, athletics-inspired, and utilitarian military touches.

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Ralph Lauren Launches a Limited Edition Polo Collection Kicking off the collection is the Tour Jacket Polo, inspired by the customized souvenir bomber jackets worn by U.S. soldiers serving in the Pacific during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. The black and green shirt features intricate embroidery on the back of the bases scattered throughout the Hawaiian Islands were servicemen were stationed, along with their favorite spots to unwind in while on leave. Interwoven with this military map are eagles and tigers—motifs commonly found on the souvenir jackets produced in Japan and Asia during this period—as well as a block print version of Polo Ralph Lauren’s iconic logo.

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The limited edition shirt from the luxury brand, which comes complete with a collectible drawstring bag also embroidered with a similar design, is currently available in select Ralph Lauren boutiques, and on RalphLauren.com.