Rare Ferrari Collection Sold for £8.5 Million

This October, two of the rarest Ferrari’s in the world were sold for an amazing price of 8.5 million, breaking a world record for a charity auction.  These two classic cars were donated to RNLI (The Royal National Lifeboat Institution) by the distinguished businessman Richard Colton, who died at the age of 82, earlier this year. Rare Ferrari Collection is always a luxurious toy that m makes the wonderful’s of collectors and car lovers.


Richard Colton except a successful businessman in footwear was a passionate collector for almost 40 years, owning a marvelous collection of classic cars. The Ferrari’s were a 250 GT SWB and a 275/GTB/4. Each sold respectively  for 6.6 million the Silver Berlinetta and 1.93 million the Lusso Berlinetta earlier on this October.rare ferrari collection which-sold for 8 5 million luxury

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The will left from Richard Colton is really a rare and generous one, leaving these super classic and luxury cars for a charity firm doesn’t happen every day, but from the other side they acquire the deserved value. The value accumulated from this exceptional and rare Ferrari edition cars, will be used for building a new lifeboat, named after the names of the Colton couple.

rare ferrari collection which sold for 8 5 million classic cars

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