Royal Dream – The World’s most expensive perfume

World's most expensive perfume

Surely that luxury has a wonderful scent and when we say this, we have in mind The Royale Dream, the classical, delicate and World’s most expensive perfume. The world most expensive perfume set, was revealed at the Amber Lounge Singapore, in the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.

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The world’s largest diamond company, World of Diamonds in cooperation with Cuarzo the Circle, the most influential  Spanish perfume studio, created a set of three luxury fragrances : one for women, one for men, and a natural unisex one.

World's most expensive perfume

The details and products of these fragrances are unique and exquisite : the men fragrance, for instance, uses the most expensive oil in the world, saved in a 10 diamonds, of 0.41 carats bottle.

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The price of these set is nearly to $140.000.  The fragrances except the unique, royal, scent have their own identity and names.

“Earth” is the name of the masculine super luxurious perfume.

“Celestial” for the ladies, the name is a representation of the feminine and floral scent of the perfume.

“Enlightenment” is the last one, dedicated to both sexes, in a bottle of 24 carats decorated with golden leaves.

World's most expensive perfume

The acquisition of these fragrances, very exclusive and limited, was through a silent auction, happening in Boudoir Noire in Singapore emblematic capitol theater. Did you know about this perfume? Which one is your favorite? Let us know ! If you liked our article then make sure to read more in here

World's most expensive perfume