Sarah Z Designs Creates an Interior Design Project Inspired by Nature

An extraordinary interior design project has been settled in Bel Harbour, a little luxury town in Miami, Florida, giving attention to what surrounds it. Sarah Zohar, head of Sarah Z Designs, a city-based firm, was in charge of the project, and her major objective was to convey a tale while flawlessly capturing the client’s personality.

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Sarah Z Designs Interior Design Project

Sarah-Z-Designs - Grey tones in the hallway with a console and a mirror with gold details on the wall. A view to the dining space with a rug, a dining table and dining chairs with a chandelier on the ceiling.

The interior couples with the outside, as Bel Harbour is a luxurious and exclusive village, so the interior design project truly expresses the vibe of the surroundings. Sarah’s inspiration was the nature surrounding the location and her love for science and wildlife. That inspiration is visible in the pebble lights, blue shades in fabrics, rugs, and wall-coverings that remind the ocean, as well as natural stone and nature-shaped pieces.

Glance Mirror

Sarah-Z-Designs - Round mirror with gold details on the wall

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Sarah Z Designs Interior Design Project

Sarah-Z-Designs - A room that as a view to the ocean, a golden center table, two armchairs in white tones, a white sofa and a large tv

According to the designer, “the elements: water, sand, stone and lots of glitz, were the starting points for the design“, and the living room, Sarah’s favorite room, perfectly embraces this logic. Combining natural materials, such as stone and wood, with nature-inspired shapes like the Eden Center Table and pebble lighting, the living room is the focal point of the interior design project.

Eden Center Table

Sarah-Z-Designs - Golden center table that has a root of the tree of life as top.
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Sarah Z Designs Interior Design Project

Sarah-Z-Designs - A modern house with a view to the ocean. The house has light tones, a bed, a sofa, a center table, a sideboard and a tv on the ceiling.

Sarah Z Designs seamlessly blends the serenity of nature with the elegance of interior design in a captivating project inspired by the ocean’s beauty. Picture a room adorned with a mesmerizing view of the sea, where the rhythmic waves set the tone for tranquility. The carefully curated elements within the space, including a plush bed, a cozy sofa, an artfully crafted sideboard, and a sleek television, harmonize to create a haven that mirrors the natural splendor just beyond the windows. Sarah Z Designs has skillfully woven the essence of the ocean into every detail, transforming this room into a sanctuary where design and nature converge in perfect harmony.

Lapiaz Oval Center Table

Sarah-Z-Designs - Oval Center Table in stainlees steel and gold. A center table that has three pieces.

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Did You Get Inspired By The Sarah Z Designs?

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