Sneak Peek: Phillips Auction With Daytona Rolex

This unique Daytona is expected to make in excess of CHF 3 Million when Phillips debuts the watch for the first time during the ‘Daytona Ultimatum’ sale in Geneva. Look at this amazing Sneak Peak: Phillips Auction With Daytona Rolex!


Here’s a watch very few people have ever seen — a white gold reference 6265. Acquired eight years ago by John Goldberger, it is the only known white gold manual-winding Daytona ever produced, and it is perhaps the most intriguing example the Crown has ever made. Here’s why.



John Goldberg wasn’t sure it was gold at first since stainless steel and yellow gold Daytona were commonly produced models, but as Goldberger felt the heavier weight of the metal, he couldn’t believe (at least at first) that what he had in his hands was a vintage ref. 6265 Rolex in white gold.


Goldberger is an experienced watch collector and if ever there was a mythical unicorn in the watchmaking world, this was it. All 6265s were thought to have been made either in stainless steel or in yellow, and so, he was quite ready to dismiss the recognizable heft of gold as a trick of sensation.

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Rolex made plenty of watches in white gold during the 1970s. Or, to be more precise, made plenty of white gold Day-Dates back then. The use of white gold in the production of the Day-Date shouldn’t come as a surprise. This was then the company’s most glamorous model after all, so the use of precious metals — including yellow, pink, white gold and platinum — seemed logical.


The decision to use that same metal for a sports watch is a little more surprising, however. Launched in 1963, the Daytona was designed as a robust mechanical chronograph, meant to be worn and used every day.


The vast majority were therefore made of stainless steel, which is a little more forgiving than gold when it finds itself on the receiving end of life’s little knocks. But here we are, looking at a unique white gold Daytona from the early 1970s. The watch also features a black “sigma” dial with white gold indexes, which is consistent with the case metal. Not much else is known, except that the watch was manufactured in 1970 and delivered in 1971 to a German retailer.


The white gold Daytona nicknamed “Unicorn” first appeared on Hodinkee’s Talking Watches segment during an interview with Goldberger. The unique vintage white gold Rolex Daytona will headline ‘The Daytona Ultimatum’, a thematic sale of 32 of the finest Daytonas ever made.


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