Star Wars Universe Reboot with Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags

Today we bring you a special edition of exclusive designs – A recreational artwork of sculptor Gabriel Dishaw, an Indianapolis-based, ardent Star Wars fan, and sculptor with a keen eye for haute-couture. Take a look at Star Wars Universe Reboot with Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags!


Do you know how Star Wars Saga aficionados in Indiana are celebrating the newest movie release of the Star Wars franchise? In the Indiana state museum, Imax theater marking the screening of The Last Jedi are some sculptures on display. A few of these sculptures may be three Lord Vaders, a saint-like C3P0, a Ky-Louis Vuitton Ren Solo and a classic Imperial Walker.



That is what is special about these sculptures. They are the recreational artwork of sculptor Gabriel Dishaw.

Gabriel Dishaw’s newest series of sculptures pay homage to the star wars up-cycles, with vintage Louis Vuitton bags as its medium. It does, in fact, seem that in Dishaw’s hands, Louis Vuitton bags are even more beautiful after he rips them apart and into shreds.

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The master sculptor Gabriel Dishaw takes vintage leather bags, wiring, capacitors and computer chips – things that were once powerful and beautiful but now outdated and of no use. He then tears them to shreds, reimaging and repurposing them into even more beautiful and even more subtle works of art as it appears.

Louis Vuitton

Whether this is a quality the sculptures share with its movie counterpart The Last Jedi is amazing.


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