Super Mario Watch Limited Edition now available for $19,000

Super Mario” fanatics who are willing to have a taste of luxury with their favorite character can do just that with the newly launched Super Mario Watch.

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The RJ X Super Mario Bros. watch was made by Swiss luxury watch specialist Romain Jerome. The timepiece is nothing like the smartwatches of today as it bears the standard appearance of a regular watch, except that it’s designed with a Super Mario Bros. theme to honor the game’s 30th anniversary, according to Romain Jerome’s website.

Super Mario Watch Limited Edition now available for $19,000

The mechanism is enclosed in a 46-millimeter wide case made from black titanium. The design gives emphasis to the pixelated quality of the game, with Mario in his signature red shirt and blue overalls and the famous mushroom seen on the face of the watch.

According to CNET, the characters on the watch face are painted by hand using enamel. The watch can only be purchased online directly from the manufacturer for almost $19,000.

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Those who want a piece of this luxury item should know that it will only be available as a limited edition watch, selling only 85 units in reference to 1985, the year that the first Super Mario game was released.

According to PC Magazine, this collaboration with Nintendo should help the video game company maintain its presence in the competitive gaming console market and in an era dominated by smartphones and tablets.

Super Mario Watch Limited Edition now available for $19,000

The Super Mario Watch is not the first time Romain Jerome incorporated arcade game designs into its creations. The brand has already collaborated with Tetris, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders to produce contemporary watches that bear classic game characters.

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Romain Jerome has dealerships in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and those who are interested can simply order online and head over to Switzerland to pick it up. CNET noted that the company will help take care of travel and accommodation expenses for Europe-based clients.

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