The watch winder safe is a pretty simple concept. Take a safe that you would normally place watches in and then insert an electrical winding system that ensure your watches are ready to put on the wrist. These types of functional marriages exist in the high-end watch world, offering a large range of options and styles.

Today we present you a suggestion of some super safe black watch winders, check our gallery:

SV 12 by Brabus & Stockinger

Each car tuned by Brabus is one of a kind, and so is each safe manufactured by STOCKINGER as it is custom-made to meet the client’s most sophisticated needs. Following the Brabus’ motto “expect the unexpected” STOCKINGER has created a unique product which harmoniously combines secure technology and luxurious elegance of design.


Hallmarks of luxury such as the leather interior, wood inlay work, high gloss laquer finish and other design elements typical for BRABUS-refined cars create the exciting beauty of the Stockinger safe BRABUS. For collectors of fine watches the safe will be equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders to keep the exceptional timepieces not only safe but also running.

Chronos by Brown Safe

The manufacturer claims it is the most advanced safe to be ever produced by them. Offering optimum security, the Chronos features biometric finger print recognition, gps anti-theft systems, multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation, and of course automatic watch winders. What is more, the Chronos is the only safe in the world to be constructed of military-grade ballistic armor.


Hublot by Dottling

For show there are changing color LED lights placed behind the winder modules. This means you get a bright light show when the inner cylinder spins into view and your many Big Bangs and King Power watches greet you. It is pure spectacle but at these prices you better damn demand it. It is based on the newer Dottling Morphosis watch winder safe which can be ordered in many other styles based on the cylinder architecture.


Grand Aficionado by Buben & Zorweg

Lovers of fine timepieces and fine wines, harmonious sounds and fascinating designs will find in Grand Aficionado the successful symbiosis of form and function … together with the reassurance offered by a safe with a German security certificate. The GRAND AFICIONADO is a visible expression of the pleasure gained from precious items of value – as a strikingly elegant piece in any discerning ambience.


Diamond by Boca do Lobo

What’s a better place to keep your precious jewels and watches safe than inside a… well, jewel? Diamonds are appropriate in any occasion. They are perfect and Boca do Lobo Design Studio simply had to include a black diamond inspired safe box in its most exclusive collection so far – the Private Collection. Diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, so this safe box is the perfect place to keep your most precious goods – an impenetrable luxurious super exclusive place where only those you want to will be allowed to enter. A hyper-luxury safe box with watch winders and humidor wine clock where your precious watches, cigars, jewels or even a bottle of your finest whisky will find their special place.


Orbitra by Brown Safe

Inside the safe are modules created by Orbita using their Rotor-wind system. These modules can inhabit the entirety of the safe, or just a section of it. The safes further come in a variety of sizes. Each however offers the sturdy security that Brown Safe products are known for. The Man Safe comes in three sizes and are among Brown Safe’s smaller offerings.


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