Super Bowl’s Hottest Wives and Girlfriends

Super Bowl is not only about two dominant teams fighting for the title or who’s the best player, but it is also about who has the hottest wife or girlfriend. And, as expected, there is no shortage of beauties who look more than ready to steal the spotlight from their athletic husbands and boyfriends.

Take a lot at the hottest wives and girlfriends of Super Bowl’s Patriots and Seahawks.

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Superbowl Wifes and Girlfriends 4

Darrelle Revis (New England Patriots) and Singer Olivia, an R&B Singer

Superbowl Wifes and Girlfriends 1

Tom Brady (New England Patriots) and wife Gisele Brady


Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks) and Ashley Lillian

Superbowl Wifes and Girlfriends 2

Julian Edelman (New England Patriots) and Olivia Frischer

Superbowl Wifes and Girlfriends 3

Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) and Charmaine Glock


Russel Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) with Ashton Wilson