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1faye_header It's Toogood! It’s Toogood! 1faye header 310x240

It’s Toogood!

Fresh out of college, Faye Toogood was 21, when she showed up for a job interview with Min Hogg, the founding editor and creative force of The World of Interiors…

11cao_hui_design_limited_edition It's what's inside that counts  It’s what’s inside that counts  11cao hui design limited edition 310x240

It’s what’s inside that counts

“I Want to Play God” states Cao Hui. Born in Kunming, Yunan Province, China, Cao Hui graduated the Yunnan Art Institute in 1991 with a Bachelor Degree from the Sculpture…

1yves_klein_portrait Production after death  Production after death  1yves klein portrait  310x240

Production after death

Yves Klein (28 April 1928 – 6 June 1962) was a French artist considered an important figure in post-war European art. He is the leading member of the French artistic…

1gaetano_pesce_portrait The artist from La Spezia  The artist from La Spezia  1gaetano pesce portrait 310x240

The artist from La Spezia

Gaetano Pesce, the architect and designer, was born in La Spezia, Italy, in 1939, educated at the Venice Institute of Industrial Design. During his career of four decades he has…