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Patrik_Fredrikson_Ian_Stallard Fredrikson Stallard: a nordic duo  Fredrikson Stallard: a nordic duo  1Patrik Fredrikson Ian Stallard 310x240

Fredrikson Stallard: a nordic duo

From their love for modernism and their anti-naturalistic vein they have created their own signature mark in the design world: an amalgam of pop culture and intelligentsia. Fredrikson Stallard, a…

Luxury wallpapers by Swarovski Luxury wallpapers Luxury wallpapers by Swarovski luxury wallpaper by swarovski

Luxury wallpapers by Swarovski

British designer Karen Beauchamp conceived a wallpaper collection for Swarovski that takes luxury in interior design to a whole new level. Glamorous and extremely elegant, these luxury wallpapers are the perfect…