Take a look inside Sweden’s Icehotel

In the remote Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi, about 200 miles above the Arctic Circle, it is possible to do winter activities like Northern Lights tours, husky sledding and skyying. But there is another experience offered to the tourists and locals, that attracts people from all over the world: An Icehotel.

The world’s first Icehotel opened twenty-five years ago and turned the little village of Jukkasjarvi into one of the world’s most remarkable holiday destinations.

See also: 2015 New Luxury Hotel Trendsicehotel+entranceThe bar, which was inaugurated for the first time in a dome-shaped structure adjacent to the hotel and boasts, to celebrate the hotel’s 25th birthday.

The Hotel is build anew every year, on November, by fusing ice from the frozen Torne river with snow and a compression of snow and ice. During winter tourists have the chance to spend the night in a unique handcrafted room made entirely of ice and kept at a constant +5°C.

In 2014 Telegraph, in partnership with Discover the World and the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland teamed up to celebrate 25 years of the Icehotel, and offered one lucky Telegraph reader the opportunity to design their own suite made of ice. And that’s how the suite became a shimmering replica of Spain’s Cordoba Cathedral.IMG_2560IMG_2561But there are other accommodation options like the Icehotel Art Suites which were created by artists and architects. One of the suits is a glistening room that is enveloped by the cogs and dials of a Swiss watch. Enter another room and you might find yourself in a forest lair, complete with gnarled tree trunks atop which perch translucent owls. Flitting from one fantasy to another is an incredible experience, increased by the fact that those beautiful and extraordinary rooms will be gone forever in a few months.

75RoThe “7.5°Rø” suite is divided into 12 frames, each leaning against the preceding frame by 7.5 degrees. This suite was designed by Wolfgang Luchow, Sebastian Scheller and Anja Kilian.2000+art+suiteAn art suite that was built in 2000.2012Dragon Residence, a suite in the 2012 Hotel, by Bazarsad Bayarsaikhan.Two+as+one“Two as One” suite features two elegant sculptures that represent a pair of lovers  and an abstract sculpture which forms the bed frame. The bed is an interpretation of the moment when the lovers meet, when everything else disappears and the present moment is the only thing that matters. This suite was created by the artists José Carlos Cabello Millán.Borderland“Borderland” suite, created by Thomas Czaijkowski and Eryk Marks, is inspired by the folk art that decorated the typical wooden houses of the region.Hot+Type+in+a+Cold+Setting“Hot Type” suite, with letterpress types, hand carved in blocks of ice. This suite was created by John Bark and Charli Kasselbäck, graphic designers and typographic enthusiasts.Spring“Spring” suite, inspired by spring in their creative process.computer“Its Alive”, a 2012 suite, by Christian Strömqvist, Karl-Johan Ekeroth.dsdfsf“Blue Marine” Suite, was designed by Britons Andrew Winch and William Blomstrand and was probably the standout suite of the 2012 hotel.

 To be able to sleep in one of the ice suits, guests must change into bed clothes in an adjacent heated building. The recommended clothes include  long johns, a thermal top, hat and heavy socks. Then they are provided with a sheet and a sleeping bag, worthy of Arctic explorers.

The setting is absolutely beautiful and very peacefully. Snow and ice do a remarkable job of buffering noise and the total absence of any external disturbance is very soothing.

2001A piano made from ice was an unusual decorative – and functional – element in the 2001 Icehotel.2007The “Snow Aurora Borealis” suite by Kestutis Musteikis and Vytautas Musteikis, 2007.2013The ice bar of the 2013 Ice Bar, names “Lost & Found” was designed by Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Tjasa Gusfors and Maurizio Perron. Abject+BeautyFive anatomic sculptures grow out of the wall inside the “Abject Beauty” suite. This room was created by artists Lotta Lampa and Julia Gamborg Nielson, who wanted to create a room that is both beautiful and destructive. Shakespeare+Globe+Theatre+2002+Photo+credit+Peter+GrantThe 2002 Icehotel featured an ice theater modeled on Shakespeare’s Globe.