The 4 Most Wanted Cards In The World

You always believed that gold was yellow, think again, it is black! It easily takes place in your pocket, weighs few grams and realises your desires with one magic code. Here, we are not talking about the matter but the small elitist rectangular card. For some a real fantasy, for others, the (most wanted) reality.

Most WantedToday we give you the Most Wanted Cards in the World for a Luxury Lifestyle with Design Limited Edition!

American Express Centurion Card

Launched in 2004, the mysterious titanium card is only available by invitation to the best American Express customers against an annual fee of 3000 euros. Best customer, what does it mean? With an annual expenditure close to 250 000 dollars and according to your needs, so, the little magical card will be suggested.

Most WantedOnce given, it will allow you to join the closed class of the 1000 holders (in France) and will offer an exclusive and prestigious service including the following benefits such as Devoted International Concierge Service, A Personal Travel Advisor, Access to Rewards loyalty Membership program, access to the Arts & Museums world, Fashion shows, Access to the American Express Fine Dining Program (booking a table in one of the 500 well known restaurants in France and abroad), Cookery classes with Alain Ducasse.

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JPMorgan Palladium Card

Palladium card concerns wealthy costumers that earn more than 250,000$, and belonging to a private bank like JP Morgan Private Bank, Commercial Bank, Investment Bank or Treasury Services (which involves having a minimum balance of 30 million $).

Most WantedWith an insignifiant annual subsription of 425€ (if considering the owner’s fortune and the price of the card made ​​in palladium), this card unlocks only few doors to the unreachable. As well as the palladium provided services, a book of 57 pages is offered to the holder with a considerable amount of exclusivity.

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Stratus Rewards Visa Card

Best known as the “White Card” in opposition to the American Express “Black Card”. In order to get the Stratus Rewards Visa, one have to be invited by a holder of this card or even a business partner of Stratus Rewards.

Most WantedFor an annual fee of 1,500 $ USD, the cardholders enjoy mainly a private jet trip.

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Carte QNB Private World Elite Visa

Came up since June 2013, the “QNB Private World Elite Visa Credit Card” is even more exclusive than the Centurion American Express. Inlaid with a 0.02 carats stone, it offers travel advisors, personal shoppers, concierge 24h by 24h, and invitations to mysterious “unforgettable experiences.”

Most WantedOf course, permission for a no spending limit is possible with this card. 1000 $ USD is the price to acquire the outward sign of wealth.

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