The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane First Class experiences

Airports can be the worst: we’ve all been there with our luggage getting lost, planes getting delayed, connections missed, and above all, rude people. We all love to travel—it’s the airport we all have to juggle through. However, if you fly the first class, then you will get all the pampering that the airport world has to offer you. First Class is a luxurious travel experience,  that it is like being transported to a private universe. Some of these first class airlines specialize in making sure your flight duration is in full luxury, and pure happiness. So strap into first class, and grab yourself a cocktail.

1. Etihad Airways

Customers can enjoy an on-board apartment (yes, apartment) at only $40,000 bucks a pop for a round-trip flight from Abu Dhabi to London. Etihad’s Residence Class suites include a private bedroom, private living room, and your own personal bathroom with en suite shower.

The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane first-class experiences

2. Emirates

Sliding doors for privacy, your own personal minibar at your fingertips, adjustable lighting, and mirrors are a few other amenities. Customers flying with Emirates can even opt for an on-board “shower spa” treatment that lasts an incredibly relaxing 25 minutes. Emirates exudes luxury down to the very last detail, including the gold-plated trim and finishings within your suite.

The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane first-class experiences

The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane first-class experiences

3. Quantas

Famous Australian chef Neil Perry designed the in-flight menu and all meals are prepared on-board to order. Australian-based Qantas does things right with their first-class cabins and beyond first-class amenities. Lie-flat seats are topped with a sheepskin mattress when it comes time to snooze. The seats themselves feature an array of built-in massage features while the “pod” setup of the first-class cabin gives passengers as much privacy as they wish.

The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane first-class experiences

4.  Air France

Passengers are given their own mini-suites with a lie-flat seat, 24-inch HD screen, and a privacy curtain. Each suite also includes a reclining ottoman so visiting other suites is made easy. A team of Michelin-rated chefs, including Joel Robuchon, Guy Martin, and Anne-Sophie Pic, designed Air France’s in-flight menu. Everything is elegant down to the details, including your personalized coat service, lounge wear, slippers, and even a dust bag for your shoes.


5. Singapore Airlines

Luxurious private suites offer you every comfort of home, including a queen-sized bed, a 23-inch HD screens, privacy doors, and a unique “Book the Cook” service are all available here. This one-of-kind amenity allows passengers to pre-order one of more than four dozen dishes.

The 5 Most Luxurious Airplane first-class experiences