The ‘Dangerous Luxury’ jewelry by Campana brothers and Fabio Salini

The Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana (Campana Brothers) and Haute Roman jewellery designer Fabio Salini have united their creativity and knowledge to create a surprising collection of jewelry that fuses nature with luxury, questioning what the meaning of luxury really is these days.

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The 'Dangerous Luxury' jewelry line by the Campana brothers and Fabio SaliniThe Campana brothers picked up materials from their native Brazil, like bamboo and a local straw called Capim Dourado, or golden grass. Salini brought in rose gold and brown diamonds to blend with the jewelry’s natural hues. The result is a collection of eight unique pieces – earrings, necklaces, a bracelet and a head piece – which feature silky strands of straw anchored with gold thread into brilliant ray or disc formations, rose gold bases, bamboo frames and wavy trims of crusted diamonds.

The 'Dangerous Luxury' jewelry line by the Campana brothers and Fabio SaliniBut this wasn’t an easy combination to make. Though Salini is used to blend unorthodox materials with gold and precious stones, he confessed that he ‘ went a bit crazy – it took me over eight months to produce just eight pieces”. “Neither the straw nor the bamboo could be put in water, fire or soldering acids, which is basically every material fundamental to the goldsmith process.” Eventually Salini came up with the solution: heating the gold to an incandescent state and then using it as a natural glue onto straw and bamboo.

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The 'Dangerous Luxury' jewelry line by the Campana brothers and Fabio SaliniWearable and very light, each piece costs between €35,000 – 65,000. At the moment, the collection is at Salini’s Rome atelier, but a series of international exhibitions for the collection is currently being planned. San Paolo, London and New York are some cities where the Dangerous Luxury Jewelry Collection will be on show.