The Jane Restaurant in Antwerp


One of the hottest tables in Antwerp opened this year in March. A strikingly designed restaurant housed in a former military hospital authored by Piet Boon, and the collaboration of STUDIO JOB, .PSLAB and SERAX.

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Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman is in the kitchen and uber-cool Dutch studio Piet Boon created the sleek interiors. Three years ago, together, they vision a mythical location in Antwerp, the chapel of a former military hospital.  Since then they realize a unique transformation, a contemporary restaurant with international allure, where experience is key.

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Based on the belief in authenticity, functionality and materials that ‘age beautifully’ they chose to restore only the highly necessary in the chapel and hence preserve the rest. The original ceiling amongst others conveys the pure, understated and respectful environment that serves as the authentic host for the ultimate fine dining experience.

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Studio Job designed the windows consisting of 500 unique panels. Inspired by the chapel’s original function, foam spatulas, sunflowers, devils, skulls, babies, Jezus on the cross, dice, apple cores, wrenches, ice cream cones, a canon, croissants, penguins, trophies, gas masks and birthday cakes portray a contemporary translation of the old stained-glass windows. Archetypes from various worlds each tell masterpiece stories of good and evil, rich and poor, life and death as well as good food and religion.