The Legend of Stradivarius

I can even start this story with an “once upon a time”. And, once upon a time, the Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) started to manufacture these extremely rare violins. And why is a Stradivarius so, so wanted, that makes me feel guilty if I don’t write its name with capital letter? Because they’re just about 700 in the whole world and, until now, no one could make such an instrument that plays exactly the same sound. Cientists and also luthiers are still struggling for it.


Imagine an instrument so value that can save many people from caos. Yes, one of the art pieces of Antonio was found by a Canadian policeman and got into auction. The price of the Lady Blunt? About $16 million/€11 million and it was all to help victims of the Japanese tsunami, in 2011.

Early in last March, we had a Stradivarius that broke all records. With nothing less than $45 million/€33 million, the MacDonald achieved to be the most expensive musical instrument ever sold! The one of ten violas made by Antonio Stradivari should have been made around 1719, at least as expected. The name of it is due to Godfrey Bosville, the 3rd Baron MacDonald, that bought the masterpiece in the 1820’s.

The sound is admirable. Would you ever expected a Stradivarius
could reach such value?

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