The most expensive stamp in the world

This is the most valuable stamp in the world. The 158 year-old  collector’s item has already broken the records three times it its life. The 1-cent postage stamp from a 19th century British colony in South America was recently auctioned at Sotheby’s New York for 9.5 million USD, a bit under the sum predicted, which was between 10 to 20 million USD, but still a considerable sum confirming the uniqueness of this stamp.


This is the first time the rare stamp is seen in public since 1986. Measuring 1 inch-by-1 1/4 inches, this is the only major stamp absent from the British Royal Family’s private Royal Philatelic Collection. The world’s previous record for a stamp sold in auction was held by an 1855 Swedish stamp, which was sold in 1996 for 2.3 million USD.


“The world’s most valuable stamp was first purchased in 1856. It was discovered by 12-year old schoolboy Louis Vernon Vaughan in 1873, as part of his uncle’s stamp collection. It was sold later that year and turned up in Paris in 1878 before being passed on to Austrian nobleman Count Philippe la Renotiere von Ferrary, a famous stamp collector. In 1922 ‘the world’s rarest stamp’ was sold for a record amount of $32,500. It went under auction again before finally breaking a new record in 1980, when John E. du Pont paid $935,000,” we can read on Fox New‘s article on the subject.