The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

Long passed the time when tattoos were associated with criminals, anarchists, the bad part of society. Now they represent a sort of pictures on the wall, an exhibition of memories, a way to permanently mark the most significant experiences. Today the Design Limited Edition brings you The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World.

Today, tattoo artists have enhanced themselves, the technique has improved and the prices have increased. How expensive is a great tattoo you ask? Well, it varies from colors to sizes but we are sure none could match the one, most expensive tattoo in the world.

The company behind the most expensive tattoo is Shimansky, a chain or retail stores in South Africa but also has branches abroad.

The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

In 2010 during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa, the retailer took the opportunity to market its brand. It created a ball fully encrusted with diamonds. It consisted of 2,640 black and 6,620 white diamond stones. In total, the ball weighed 3,500 carats or 2.2kgs.
As you can guess, the price tag for it (20 million or 1.7 million US dollars) is one that can only be afforded by a select few.

The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

This was followed by the idea of creating a tattoo out of diamond stones. The tattoo has real diamonds encrusted into the skin, but the problem was where to find the right model. Minki van der Westhuizen is one of the hottest international models from South Africa.

She has been in the modeling business since she was 16 years old and is represented by Max Models in Cape Town.  In 2003 she was ranked #24 on ‘Maxim’s Hot 100′ list. In 2004 she was the winner of the ‘FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the world’ pool. She was the perfect model for the diamond tattoo.

The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

 The tattoo contains 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut diamonds, each weighing half a carat. The procedure took 8 hours and water based adhesive was used to temporarily affix the diamonds on the skin. The diamonds stuck to her body gave Minki  van der Westhuizen hard time lying on her back.

The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

Each of the 612 stones had to be attached onto her skin one by one. The final design was an amazing floral pattern. Combining the skill required, the design, the labor and the diamonds themselves it is easy to see how the value came to almost one million US dollars.

If an ink tattoo simply does not do it for you, then this is something to consider having. For those with $924,000 to spare, the store has plans to offer the design in its other local and abroad locations giving you a chance to spot a million dollar tattoo on your body.

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