The Most Iconic Product Designers in New York City

Product Designers are an essential part of interior design. They have incredibly creative minds that help every interior designer achieve the project of their dreams. A lot of time and effort is put into these pieces, and that is why they are so unique. This our selection of some of the most iconic product designers in New York City. A place which has historically been at the vanguard of contemporary design.

Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio

Ghiora Aharoni is a designer who founded a multi-disciplinary studio for art and design in New York City in 2004. His amazing work has been exhibited internationally in museums, institutions and galleries. Specialized in product and interior design, Aharoni explores dualities such as the intersection of religion and science as well as craftsmanship and technology. Since establishing his studio, Aharoni has designed many residential and commercial projects in New York, —ranging from the DeKooning residence to the New York headquarters of HCL. His pieces are timeless and complement any space in the best way possible. He has contributed to what contemporary design is and we believe he is a truly remarkable product designer!

Harry Allen Design

Harry Allen is an industrial and interior designer who founded a full-service consulting design firm, which strives to make life more thoughtful and beautiful. Allen has a vast experience in product design, however he has also designed furniture, lighting and interiors for a variety of international clients. Notable designs include the interior of the design store Moss; the Reality line for Areaware, including the Bank in the Form of a Pig, and the bottle for Marc Jacobs’ Bang perfume. No doubt Harry Allen is one of the great product designers of his generation and that he has done so much for modern design.


Nosanchuk is a design firm established by David Nosanchuk, an accomplished product designer who creates not only truly unique objects, but also engaging and timeless spaces. Nosanchuk’s popular N1R series of lighting fixtures includes the N1R Table Lamp, which in 2000, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), was named “Best in Show”. Nosanchuk’s most recent work, was commissioned by Glenn Adamson in 2016 for the “Wood, Revisited” exhibition at the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia. He has since been exhibited in places such as PAD London and the List Gallery. David Nosanchuk is a truly original product designer, and we believe that he is a contemporary design master!

Hachi Collections

The Most Iconic Product Designers in New York City

Takafumi Toyama is the director and project manager at Hachi Collections, a product and furniture design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, which has exhibited its creations in numerous events, such as the 2018 Brooklyn Designs and the 2019 Architectural Digest Design Show. Hachi designs, builds, and sells handmade contemporary furniture. They not only create truly unique pieces of modern design, but they can also customize them, which allows their clients to have something that is a collectible design but with a personal twist. Product design at its best!

Shape Studio

The Most Iconic Product Designers in New York City
Photo Credits: Shape Studio

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Shape Studio is a product design and fabrication company who. specializes in art and high-end custom architectural metal fabrication.  They work metal like no other and they try to mix it with other materials such as wood, glass and concrete, creating very symbiotic pieces. They have exhibited some of their products and designs, although they also create for commercial and residential spaces. They are the perfect combination between art and contemporary design!

Supernova Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Evan Z. Crane

Evan Z. Crane is an incredibly creative product designer born in Brooklyn, who creates functional pieces with tones of character, using his geometry fueled imagination to elevate them. As an amazing contributor to contemporary design, Evan Z. Crane is a product designer to keep an eye on!


KGBL gives form to modern luxury and contemporary design.  The design brand creates a true feast for those who love modern design and high-end furniture. Founded by three members, KGBL incorporates into its motto and values what there’s best about New York:  non-conformation and ever challenging attitude! If the product will not be a conversation starter or if it does not change something in the world of design, then it’s not worthy to be part of their collections. KGBL is what product design needs to be!

Barlas Baylar

As one of the best product designers in the world, Baylor is recognized for his unique pieces as he creates the perfect synergy between minimalism and organic nature. As renowned New York City designer, through is brand, he produces furniture with a unique design, combining natural elements with modern aesthetics, allowing the outdoor to pierce through indoor spaces. There is no doubt that his creations are a true embodiment of contemporary design and one would be so lucky to have access to his limited-edition pieces. Groundbreaking interior design!

Bec Brittain

The Most Iconic Product Designers in New York City

The world of lighting design is richer because of Bec Brittain, a product designer whose products are made in the city of lights, New York. Using a very strong network team of local fabricators and artisans, every piece she creates is unique. Most notorious for her ethereal pendant lights, Bec gives shape, and light, to what there is best in contemporary design and in the world of luxury furniture. She is driven by her own mind and ideas, which one can observe, since her pieces are so much more than a reflection of what the market wants. She has also been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Elle DÉCOR, Casa Da Abitare, and Wallpaper. Bec Brittain is one of the best produt designers out there, and one would be so lucky to have one of her collectible designs.

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