The New Vienna

Once considered by many as an old and boring city, Vienna has gone through some big changes, turning into a modern and exciting city. New exceptional luxury hotels and intriguing new activities have completely transformed the capital of Austria.

The luxury Hotel Sofitel for instance, has a bar and restaurant on the 18th floor with an extraordinary view from the Belvedere Palace across the gothic towers of Stephansdom cathedral to the Rathaus (the town hall) in the west. This beautiful view is enhanced by a fiery sky that is, actually, an optical illusion. Designed by the artist Pipilotti Rist, the illuminated ceiling of the luxurious Loft creates a reflection on the 360° surrounding glass walls.

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NewImage The New Vienna The New Vienna NewImage1

Vienna The New Vienna The New Vienna Vienna

The Sleeping Beauty Vienna has finally awoken from her long sleep thanks to hotel openings and renovations, Michelin-Starred Restaurants, contemporary galleries, and much more. Today, not only do the Rathaus and the Stephansdom Cathedral dominate the skyline, but new chic rooftop bars have joined them.

To the new attractions, were added a swimming pool in a former bank vault, a tour of the Hofburg Imperial Palace, a visit to Mozart’s Figarohaus, a club in a former underground pedestrian walkway, and much more.

Belvedere+Palace The New Vienna The New Vienna Belvedere Palace h2bCD The New Vienna The New Vienna h2bCD1

One of the new additions is the Park Hyatt in Am Hof square. Formerly the headquarter of the National Bank of Austria, it has been completely restored and transformed into a luxury five-star hotel with opulent interiors, spacious rooms and an exquisite spa.

park hyatt The New Vienna The New Vienna park hyatt The-Bank-Restaurant-park-hyatt The New Vienna The New Vienna The Bank Restaurant park hyatt

Another attraction is the Haus der Musik, a city’s innovation museum of sound with an installation of five listening devices that allow a person to experience the deterioration of the composer’s hearing while looking at Pop Art portraits of Viennese greats, like Mozart and Josef Haydn.

The tallest building in Vienna is called the DC Tower 1 with 787 feet and houses the futuristic and luxury Hotel Mélia Vienna.

02meliavienna-facade The New Vienna The New Vienna 02meliavienna facade 04meliavienna-receptionlobby The New Vienna The New Vienna 04meliavienna receptionlobby 12meliavienna-meliaguestroom The New Vienna The New Vienna 12meliavienna meliaguestroomOf course there are many other interesting and exciting novelties in this beautiful city, but those you’ll have to see for yourself.