The Palace of Versailles Creates New Limited Edition Fragrance

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most spectacular architectural achievements of 18th-century french art. Inspired by the splendour of the palace and the ostentation of royal power, Le Bouquet de la Reine (The Queen’s Bouquet, in french) is a fragrance of intense feelings, unforgettable desires and rare grandiosity. An exclusive limited-edition fragrance launched by the Palace of Versailles in collaboration with one of Paris’s oldest perfume manufacturers, the Guerlain House.

The Palace of Versailles Creates New Limited Edition Fragrance

Made for the lovers of beauty, The Queen’s Bouquet limited edition fragrance was unveiled in Paris at the Guerlain Champs-Elysées flagship boutique. Now available for sale, this luxury edition is priced at 550€. Draped in lavish fabrics and solid gold, the perfume bottle reveals the art of bottling that defines Guerlain House: several different knots are meticulously combined by the fairies of this Paris perfume manufacturer.

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Queen Marie-Antoniette, Louis XVI’s wife

The Guerlain stamp lives in The Queen’s Bouquet as the emblematic personality of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Louis XVI’s wife is the soul of this limited edition fragrance available until 17th May 2016.  The art of perfume for women designed by Thierry Wasser, in-house perfumer at Guerlain since 2008. A dazzling promise of romance and a breath of love melodies.

palace of versailles
The Palace of Versailles Creates New Limited Edition Fragrance

Jasmine, the favourite Queen’s Marie-Antoinette flower, is the centre of this fragrance with small notes of lily, bergamot, white musk and amber. The heaven for free spirit women and the right homage to french perfume heritage and culture. The Queen’s Bouquet celebrates elegance, beauty and insolence.

The astonish garden of Versailles Palace

In a certain way, the free and daring spirit of Louis XVI’s wife inspire this sophisticated handcrafted fragrance. Le Bouquet de la Reine is a time travel to intense desires, luxurious lives and, of course, pounds of mystery.

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The Palace of Versailles Creates New Limited Edition Fragrance

Straight from Queen’s Gardens at Palace of Versailles to your personal perfume collection, this glorious and exclusive limited-edition fragrance can be order only until 17th May 2016.