The World’s Most Expensive Baby Items

What is the best gift for your newborn prince or princess? To present luxury solution to this question, a Spanish brand has released the world’s most luxurious crib and baby dummy. Suommo, a company of luxury furniture for babies has created the most expensive crib of golden dreams in the world : Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold. This majestic baby crib is created to provide precious dreams to your baby on 12.000.000,00€ , 24-Carat Solid Gold and outfitted with gold yarn changing mat and silk bedding. This crib is obviously a limited edition and represents the sublimation of art.

Crib1 Crib2 Crib3The first jewel for your baby from Suommo plays a precious role to please the baby as well as the mother: Baby Dummy. Totally handcrafted 18-Carat rose gold and studded with diamonds.The nipple of the dummy is also gilded. The 100.000,00€ bejeweled dummy for a baby can also be used as a piece of jewelry by the mom.Crib5

This limited edition baby dummy transforms in to a pendant or a collar pins when not sucked by the baby.Crib6

It surely makes an interesting pendant and also the most luxurios baby present for the mother and child.