The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel: Burj Al Arab

As Dubai always goes with luxury experiences hand in hand, they are always building something luxury and exciting. Dubai is a world-class city with exotic places to view and everything in Dubai is being built with the objective of getting the top in luxury, comfort and beauty.The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks, its iconic sailboat-shaped silhouette emerging from the sea. Located in its own man-made island, visible from everywhere in the city and represents a symbol of modern Dubai. This hotel is all about breathtaking grandeur.

Experience ultimate luxury from the moment you arrive at Burj Al Arab. With 202 luxurious duplex suites, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, most luxurious spas, a private beach club, health club, and airport transfers in a Rolls Royce, Mercedes, or helicopter, it stands out in almost every way for its over-the-top luxury.

Such a luxury hotel is boasting of being  ‘’The World’s only 7 Star Hotel’’  and the third tallest hotel in the world. If you want to make a luxury tourism, Burj Al Arab is waiting to host you with its whole magnificence.

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BAA3This stunning hotel has constructed by WS Atkins Partners Overseas with concept architect Mr Thomas Wills Wright. Set in a sail-shaped and located in the beach called Chicago Beach. This amazing hotel has 28 double-story floors  which accommodate 202 bedroom suites. In 2012, the royal suite is named  12th most expensive hotel suite in the world with a rate of around 18,716$ per night.

BAA2The lobby has magnificent fountain display that sat in between two escalators and stretched all the way to second floor.This part of the hotel is receiving you with enormous gold pillars and dancing fountains. It ıs really impressive!ABB6

The interior design of the deluxe Burj Al Arab hotel brings designs of a contemporary Arabian fantasy. Arabian figures are perfectly reflected to contemporary and luxury furnitures of this stunning hotel. ABB5

BurjAlArabHotel4The Royal Suite – Master Bedroom

This suite is all decorated with high end furniture.


If you dream of having a luxury tourism, this luxury UAE hotel is a fabulous choice.