Timeless style: Dunhill and Art Deco

The 1920s and 1930s provide an elegant point of reference for a new collection of accessories from the Dunhill brand. Today, Design Limited Edition Blog reveals the story of this timeless British house and the connection with Art Deco!

bl-limited-edition-750Many brands lean on Art Deco to inform their aesthetic, the sharp, geometric lines and distinctive silhouettes of the style providing ample inspiration and a timelessness to modern-day designs. For Dunhill, however, its connection to the era is an intrinsic part of its identity, even down to its elegant “longtail” logo, introduced in 1936.

Timeless style: Dunhill and Art DecoThe gentlemanly accouterments the company produced during the period remain some of its most covetable and prized at auction, from beautiful enameled lighters to intricately engraved clocks. For the brand’s designers today, these pieces provide invaluable points of reference on which to draw for their latest collections.

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Timeless style: Dunhill and Art DecoOne item in particular from the archive captured their imaginations – produced in the 1920s, the mystery box could only be opened by pressing three concealed buttons simultaneously, providing the perfect hiding place.

Timeless style: Dunhill and Art DecoAdorned with eye-catching vertical and horizontal lines, these decorative finishes have been carried through to its new pieces.

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A pair of gold-plated cufflinks combines these motifs into a graphic, rectangular shape, finished with a pyramid sodalite set into the centre, cut by one of Germany’s finest stonecutters.

dhbdcrb20It’s joined by a matching tie bar, alongside a new take on Dunhill’s popular Sentryman pen, featuring the “AD” logo at the end of the barrel. The collection is completed with a compact leather case, with just enough space to safely transport your new accessories.

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