Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World – Exclusive Limited Editions

We present you the Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas in The World! Are you ready to know them?

10. Swarovski Studded Alize

How do you show you really love vodka? Well, cover the bottle with Swarovski of course. Introduced in 2007, this Swarovski-studded vodka was created in honor of Valentine’s Day and promoted as the best gift you can give to your vodka-drinking loved ones. The value of this luxury vodka is $2000 .

most expensive vodkas

The bottle contains Rose Alize, a mixture of French Vodka, Cognac, strawberry, lychee, passion fruit, and rose. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive this wonderful vodka presented in a Swarovski-adorned bottle?


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9. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka

What makes this vodka unique and expensive is its delivery process. The bottle’s carafe and cap are gilded with an eagle, which is then sitting on top of a gilded Fabergé egg. The egg is hand-crafted, contributing to its hefty price tag.

most expensive vodkas


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Holding the bottle in your hands gives you the nice, warm feeling of royalty. This luxury unique vodka price is $2,400. The only things you are missing are a bejeweled crown and a golden throne.

most expensive vodkas

8. Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition

So why does this bottle costs a staggering amount of $3,000? Well, because it contains pure water from the Himalayan Mountains’ underground reservoirs which is then mixed perfectly with Russian winter wheat.

most expensive vodkas

Not enough for you to justify the price tag? Well, how about the bottle that is made of hand-blown glass and the fact that each bottle of this elegant vodka comes with an ice pick that is gold plated?

7. Iordanov Vodka

As a way of saluting and celebrating alcohol’s long and elegant history, Iordanov decided to create this line of sophisticated and high-end vodka bottles. most expensive vodkasThe bottle’s liquor content is made using Wasser Water, which is collected from a remote region in Northern Europe.The price of this Luxury Vodka is $4,353. The 14,000 Swarovski crystals that adorn the bottle give one both a visual and lavish feast.

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6. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka

What is with vodka manufacturers and Swarovskis? Well, apparently a lot.

Another vodka with Swarovski bling-bling is Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka, which has an outrageous price of $6,922. Oval Vodka, a world renowned brand, is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of this bottle. A one of a kind and released as a limited and exclusive edition, it evokes a sense of elegance as well as luxurious taste. Over 7,000 Swarovski adorn this bottle.

most expensive vodkas

You cannot order this vodka from just your bar down the corner; it is only available at select and high-class night clubs.

5. Belver Bears

Launched as a limited edition, the Belver Bears vodka was released during the Cannes festival in France and is regarded as one of most expensive vodka collections known with the value of $7,240 .

most expensive vodkas


Jean-Roch designed this bottle, and the drink was first served only to a few VIPs.

4. Russo-Baltique Vodka (Old)

Russo-Baltique Vodka (we are talking about the old version) boasts a design and liquor blend that will captivate anyone who has a taste for finer things in life. This exclsuive luxury drink costs $740,000 .

most expensive vodkas

3. DIVA Premium Vodka

Promoted as the world’s most glamorous vodka, it is crafted using a very meticulous distilling method, where the alcohol is being triple refined and finished with the help of some precious stones. The Diva Premium Vodka has the 3rd place in our Top with the value of $1 million.

most expensive vodkas

The brand is marketed for the really high-flying people, who do not have problems spending a million dollars for a gathering. The bottle’s center is made of precious stone. The liquor content is made with natural spring water and filtered through ice. Oh, and also crushed diamond sand as well as birch charcoal.


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2. Russo-Baltique Vodka (New)

Russo-Baltique is on the list again, but deservedly so. This $1.35-million vodka is a must-see in your lifetime. Produced by top car manufacturer Dartz’s Russo-Baltique vodka brand, this vodka is crafted to copy the classic and elegant design of Russo-Balt automobiles. The bottle cap is created with gold, with diamonds making up the Russian Imperial Eagle replica.

most expensive vodkas

The vodka was created to target rich Russian royalty, liquor connoisseurs, and business tycoons. Prince Albert was actually the first person to own one of these fine bottles, but it was actually given to him as a gift so he did not pay a penny for it. What a lucky guy.

1. Billionaire Vodka

Only produced for the richest and most high-end clients, Billionaire Vodka costs $3.7 million per bottle. Known as the most expensive luxury vodka in the world, the bottle has been designed by Leon Verres, who is a famous luxury designer knowed all over the world.most expensive vodkas Each bottle has up to five liters of amazing vodka, which is perfected using an unknown Russian recipe. However, the most interesting element of the content is that the vodka’s distilled liquid is poured over precious diamonds that themselves cost many millions of dollars. The bottle is also studded with more than 3,000 diamonds plus Swarovski crystals that create the letter “I” in the word Billionaire.


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