5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels Choices

“My tastes are simple; I am easily satisfied with the very best.” This Winston Churchill simple lifestyle meets Design Limited Edition ethos. Sir Winston Churchill is better known as the savior of Western Civilization from the Nazis in World War II. However, he is also one of the world’s consummate travelers and connoisseurs. Here, we follow the British statesman’s historic journeys around the world to uncover the luxury hotels that caught his discerning eye!

bl-limited-edition-750Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesIt was Christmas 1944 when Churchill checked into Athens’s glorious Hotel Grande Bretagne. The visit was more business than pleasure, as the British command was stationed at the hotel during the holidays.

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesBut the Prime Minister inadvertently saved both his colleagues and the hotel when he arrived; unbeknownst to him at the time, the Greek resistance had planned to blow up the property but abandoned their plans for fear of assassinating someone so powerful.

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Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesChurchill adored Monte Carlo’s Hôtel de Paris so much that he often whiled away his winters in one of its most opulent suites. During one of his stays, the statesman received a delivery from the hotel’s general manager: a bottle of priceless 1807 Napoleon cognac.

4Though the spirit was intended to be sipped and savored, Churchill instead uncorked the bottle, poured himself a generous glass, and insisted that the manager joined him. An hour later, Churchill’s drinking companion walked away from the suite in awe as the two had consumed the entire bottle.

La Mamounia, Marrakech

5Churchill called Marrakech the “Paris of the Sahara,” and in 1943 insisted that Franklin Delano Roosevelt accompany him on a detour to the beautiful Red City after a Casablanca summit.

6Although the men stayed elsewhere on that first visit, Churchill’s subsequent trips to Marrakech often took him to La Mamounia ,where he delighted in painting scenes of the hotel’s gardens and the distant Atlas mountains from his suite’s balcony.

Belmond Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesIn 1949, Clementine Churchill telegraphed a friend saying that she was looking for somewhere “warm, bathable, comfortable, and flowery” where her husband could recuperate from his first stroke, write his war memoirs, and paint.

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesHer close friend’s reply came immediately: Reid’s Palace on the island of Madeira. Churchill was never able to complete his memoir at the hotel but he no doubt basked in the luxuries of the Portuguese island’s most refined address. Ironically, the hotel is known today for its impeccable afternoon tea.

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Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesAs a war correspondent, Churchill stayed at Cape Town’s Mount Nelson Hotel during the early 1900s, when the property served as the British headquarters during the Boer War.

5 Travel Tales from Winston Churchill’s Luxury Hotels ChoicesThe luxurious hotel must have seemed quite the change of scenery for young Churchill, who had only recently escaped from a Pretoria prison where he was held as a prisoner of war.

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