The First Triple Split Watch At SIHH Event

At this year’s international showroom of watches, the renowned German high-end watch manufacturer a.lange & Söhne showcased the new exclusive edition of their pieces. 



Surprisingly, the brand has taken the initiative to produce the first multi-hour comparative time measurement, which is not only a unique production but an impressive invention, new to the market. 

The brand’s ability to constantly be innovative maximizes the exclusivity of the products, as it is the case for A. Lange & Söhne top watch brands in the biggest horlogerie fair this year. 

After the enormous success of the brand’s double split, released in 2004, this year, a new modern watches and exclusive craftsmanship was essential and the key to the production of the triple split transcends. 

SIHH is huge, famous and riched international fair of luxury watches, where millions of people visit to know more about the latest trends.


A new, contemporary, luxury and adapted timeless piece that speaks to the unique design of A. Lange & Sohne.

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As mentioned by one of the admirers of this new limited edition, this is the new penchant of the whole world if money was an object.


In this picture, you can closely see the details of this exclusive design, and discover the flawless production of this item.


The SIHH gave the opportunity to this watch brands to present this initiative and share it with lovers of watches. As you can see, the idea is very creative, unique and distinctive.


This edition gives the opportunity to customers to choose the bronze color for their watch, which is very delicate, elegant, and extremely unique.