Triumph Rocket X Limited Edition

According to Visor Down,  new motorcycles were released to the public,at the 2014 EICMA event in Milan and people got a first look at the Triumph Rocket X Limited Edition.

Motorcycle USA believes that the name of the new motorcycle is more appropriate than most riders think. The massive 2,294cc Rocket III engine has 163 pound-feet of torque while only reaching 2,750 rpm.

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In their official press release, the brand states “Launched in 2004, and continually developed since, the Rocket III has gained iconic status as the bike that every rider has on their wish list of ‘must do’ rides. And now, born from the biggest, baddest and meanest bike out there, the Rocket X offers the ultimate ride and status.”

2015 Triumph Rocket XAccording to Motorcyle USA, despite the size of this beauty, the model can keep up with some of the biggest cruisers on the market, such as the Rune, V-Max and the Ducati Diavel.

With the 10th anniversary of the Rocket coming up, the brand is going to release a limited edition called the Rocket X, of which only 500 pieces are going to be made, each one with an aluminium badge saying “Rocket X” on the fuel tank.

2015 Rocket X Name Badge

Vying for attention with the custom paint and 2.3 litre engine is the black exhaust system. The twin-skinned full exhaust system is coated with high temperature resistance paint, rated to maintain Triumph’s signature quality finish and the Rocket X’s world turning torque figures.

A black fly screen shrouds the chrome ringed instruments to add even more visual presence. The mean look has also been further enhanced with the addition of black finishing to the handlebars, mirrors, gear, and brake levers. The Rocket’s signature 5-spoke aluminium alloy wheels have also received the black treatment and are skilfully finished off with a complimenting hand painted pinstripe.

Rocket X WindscreenA silver race stripe,  that runs down the tank and from the front to the back fender, will contrast the glossy black paint job and the chrome and black components on the motorcycle as well. Some of the other additions on the limited edition version include black levers and black five-spoke wheels with a slight pinstripe around the wheel that is hand-painted on the bike.

Triumph Rocket X Tank Detail2015 Rocket XThe Bike will have large dual exhausts, finished with a high temperature-resistant paint to match the rest of the bike’s black colored theme.

The brand’s pride in its newest creating is undeniable, as they believe that the “Rocket X is a unique motorcycle with the most unmistakable presence on two wheels. There is nothing else like it on the road, and no other motorcycling experience even gets close to the sense of the awesome potency of a Rocket III Roadster making progress.”

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2015 Rocket XThe Bike will be officially launched in March 2015 for $17,099; just $1,600 above the base price of the 2015 Rocket III Roadster.

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