Valentines Day Special II: Cartier Love Bracelet

Build both each day that love may flower in trust and care. Celebrate a love union and dare to declare your love by gifting Cartier Love Bracelet and with each pledge you make, you are strengthening the bond between two.


There is a longing for love in our hearts and often, they come in different forms and gestures. A divine love shared between two soulmates forms an unbreakable bond. When you have found love, be glad and cherish it for all eternity. That’s why Cartier created this romantic collection that embodies eternal love.




In order to celebrate the amazing union use this limited edition piece to declare your love. After all, the way to a woman’s heart is not only about a grand gesture. Love keeps no scores of wrong and with each pledge you make, you are affirming and strengthening the bond between two.


Take this opportunity to show your exquisite taste with the chicest Valentine’s Day gift. Cartier love bracelet will turn as a pledge of strength, a state of mind, and a symbol of commitment to romance.


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cartier love bracelet


Cartier LOVE collection remains a classic symbol of love that tests and transcends boundaries and stimulates the senses. Notable for its screw motifs and that ideal oval shape, there is an undeniable timeless elegance to each jewelry piece.


Making a comeback as a re-edition this February, this latest version of Cartier love bracelet os more delicate, featuring a wrist-hugging oval shape and punctuated with the iconic screw motifs.


Available in yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold – as we showed before – each Cartier LOVE Bracelet is set to make ordinary objects into precious metals of desire, sealing your relationship within an everlasting circle of Love.


As a furniture luxury brand, Boca do Lobo provides you a stunning jewelry case to keep safe all your jewels. Believe us: for a Cartier jewel, a Boca do Lobo safe will fit perfectly. Take a look and get to know even more about the Filigree Jewelry Case, a craftsmanship masterpiece.



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