Valentino’s Rouge Absolute Signature

Customizable accessories in shades of the brand’s iconic red color are a “bomb” from Valentino, that allows consumers to place personalized studs on pumps, handbags and small  leather goods. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Valentino’s Rouge Absolute Signature.


“The idea of making things personal and incorporating a brand’s heritage into your own in a new way is universal to those that have frequented the brand as well as those that were either on the fence in terms of purchasing or are completely new to coveting these items,” said Kimmie Smith. According to her, this collection is looking for loyal clients that now will have the power to customize the products.   China seeing red Rouge Absolute collection first appeared in an email along with Shanghai collection, also by Valentino, with the subject “Iconic Red”. The colours and the style fit well in Asia, particularly in China, and that’s why it was choosed to be revealed there.



Enter Valentino’s website and wait for the video to start, here: