We’ll have your socks bronzed

Already thinking about what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Worry no more, Falke, a luxury knitwear brand from Germany is now selling pairs of socks that happen to be the most expensive in the world.

Falke is the first clothing manufacturer to produce socks made of wool of vicuña, rare animals living in the Andes, relatives of the illama and the ancestor of the alpaca, national animals of Peru.

3vicuna_andes_peru We’ll have your socks bronzed We’ll have your socks bronzed 3vicuna andes peru

As endangered species, vicuñas cannot be domesticated, so all wool is taken from wild animals, which can only be caught and sheared once every two years . Vicuña wool is the rarest and most expensive wool in the world, being softer, lighter and warmer than any other wool. Literally it’s worth it’s weight in gold because, each animal produces just one pound of wool.

The socks, which come with their own presentation box, are only available in golden-brown as the vicuña. Because the wool is so delicate that the dyeing process would damage it beyond repair – ‘Since the fibers are very delicate, the wool’s natural golden color remains unchanged.’ states the brand.

1FALKE-Vicuna-socks-MAIN We’ll have your socks bronzed We’ll have your socks bronzed 1FALKE Vicuna socks MAINThe fine wool and thermal properties of vicuña communicate the uniqueness of the yarn and in a limited edition Falke will, also, offer 20 pullovers worldwide, each priced at approx. € 2,400 (10 V-neck and 10 roll-neck) as well as 10 pairs of socks priced at €860 per pair.

2FALKE_Sweater_limited_edition-vicuna We’ll have your socks bronzed We’ll have your socks bronzed 2FALKE Sweater limited edition vicunaBut for those who can afford to splash out €860 or €2,400 on a pair of socks or a pullover, rarity is likely to be just as much of a reason to buy, as keeping you warm.