Wolverine First Appearance sold for $657,250

It’s a piece of paper with the very first appearence of the Marvel hero Wolverine. The auction took its price to the $657,250 on the 16th of May of this year. The owner is now an annoynymous collector man, that grabbed this opportunity through Heritage Auctions in Dallas.


The “wolf” of the X-Men team has come out in the last page of the The Incredible Hulk #180, in October of 1974, although his first full appearance was in the following month, in the following edition, where the battle continues. The scene, drawn by Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel, features a final panel with Wolverine crashing a fight between the Incredible Hulk and the villainous Wendigo.
Back in 2012, Todd McFarlane’s cover art for Amazing Spider-Man #328 was sold for the same amount. Yes, it coincidentally had Hulk too and the Heritage Auctions noted that the page page set a “world record price for any page of interior comic art, by far”. “We knew when this artwork surfaced that is was, without doubt, one of the most significant pieces of original comic art ever drawn”, said the Vice President of Heritage, Todd Hignite.

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Trimpe gave the artwork to the former owner back in 1983, when he visited the artist. To honour Trimpe’s generosity, reserved a portion of the sale to the Hero Initiative. «I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice», by Wolverine.