World is not enough: Space Holidays

World’s super rich are trying something unique. Time is not far when you will see these elite people set up home in space. According to experts in space travel, to have a drink in a hotel on the Moon with views over the Earth will be possible in less than 20 years’ time.

World is not enough: Space Holidays6

According to findings published in the annual report of Knight Frank, sub orbital luxury space travel is soon going to become a reality. The first in the series of sub-orbital flight is going to be a reality as soon as 2020 and Virgin Galactic owned by Richard Branson is working towards realizing this objective. Sub orbital travel will reduce distances between major cities of world drastically and this aspect of sub orbital travel is also being explored.140503-zerog-vg-on-scene1_5f74eac67fa28c8f2cec1b7add748100lished in the annual report of Knight Frank, sub orbital luxury space travel is soon going to become a reality. John Spencer, the founder of the Space Tourism Society, believes that the economic exploitation of the orbit of the Earth and of our neighbouring planets is inevitable. In 6 or 7 years’ time we will have the first space hotel with room for 40 people. In 5 years’ time it will be the fashion amongst the wealthy classes to experiment zero gravity and to take photos of the curvature of the Earth on a flight of Virgin Galactic or Space X and an orbital station for touristic use will be built by Bigelow Aerospace.

World is not enough: Space Holidays

With distances between continents becoming insignificant, the rich can afford to have a home in any Asian city, even while living in Europe all through and commute easily and efficiently without wasting much time. European investors who wish to restrict their travel time to less than two hours across the globe are keen in investing in any such venture and looking forward for the research being carried out by the likes of Richard Branson.

Besides the concept of sub orbital travel which will allow distances seem insignificant, the rich are particularly interested in space travel. People with new assets of over $30 million have been showing interest in pursuing the space dream and wish to head to the nearest available planet in coming times, the Knight Frank report quotes. However, with the developments still in its nascent stage, only coming time will tell as to how much this experiment of enabling the super rich head out to space will succeed.

World is not enough: Space Holidays4