World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Engagement rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. No matter the style or the price, engagement rings are beautiful and cherished by the person who received it. The upper elite, celebrities, and royal couples always have the largest, most expensive and most beautiful engagement ring available. So who has the most expensive engagement ring? Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most expensive engagement rings ever.

Article Originally Published On August 29, 2018

Kate Upton

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Model and Brides cover star Kate Upton first debuted her round engagement ring from Justin Verlander at the 2016 Met ball, we predict that the bauble is complete with an 8-carat diamond and likely falls within the $1.5 million range.

Paris Hilton

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The hotel heiress announced her engagement to Chris Zylka in January 2018, and her fiancé popped the question with a massive 20-carat bauble, worth an estimated $2 million. This also isn’t her first rodeo—Hilton was previously engaged to a fellow of the same name, Paris Latsis, in 2005. The former proposed with a 24-carat jewel, which Hilton auctioned off to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims.


World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Veering even deeper into pricey celebrity engagement rings, Ciara’s left ring finger totes a massive diamond sparkler from Russell Wilson, believed to be worth between $2 million and $2.5 million. The “1, 2 Step” singer sported a similarly gigantic rock during her prior engagement to rapper Future, but the 15-carat gem was only thought to be worth a mere $500,000.

Blake Lively

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Not only are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds the ultimate #couplegoals, but the blonde beauty is also total #engagementringgoals. Weighing in at 7 carats and an estimated $2.5 million, the gem features a light pink, oval diamond set in pavé diamonds and rose gold.

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Jennifer Lopez

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Before J. Lo and A. Rod, there was J. Lo and Marc Anthony. Although the couple ended their marriage in 2014, 10 years previously Anthony had proposed with a rare blue 8.5-carat diamond ring, worth $4 million. The “Jenny From the Block” singer also received a 6.1-carat pink diamond bauble, believed to have cost between $1.2 and $2.5 million, during her engagement to Ben Affleck in 2002.

Kim Kardashian

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This list would be nothing without Kimmie’s rock from Kanye, which clocked in at around a cool $4 million when he presented it to her at his stadium proposal in October 2013. Unfortunately, though, the 15-carat sparkler was among the jewellery stolen during Kim’s infamous Paris robbery in 2016.


World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

It should come as no surprise that Queen Bey herself totes one of the world’s highest-valued diamonds. Weighing in at 24 carats, Jay reportedly paid around $5 million for Bey’s flashy emerald-cut ring back in 2008.

Elizabeth Taylor

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The famous actress accumulated her fair share of engagement jewellery throughout her eight weddings, but her ring from Richard Burton is perhaps the most well known. Weighing in at an unbelievable 33.19 carats, Taylor’s sparkler sold for $8.8 million during an auction in 2011, according to Forbes.

Mariah Carey

World’s Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Clocking in as the most expensive celebrity engagement ring, Mimi’s 35-carat bling from ex-fiancé James Packer reportedly cost a cool $10 million. And the “Obsessed” singer seemed to be a bit, well, obsessed with the jewel. She continued to wear the ring over a year post-breakup, and didn’t part ways with the bauble until May 2018, selling it to a Los Angeles jeweller for $2.1 million.

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