World’s most expensive chocolate praline is worth $240,000

Beginning with the Aztecs and Mayan civilizations, the use of chocolate has indeed been varied with time, and use with some varieties gaining prominence the world over. Such has been the addiction to this food item for its flavors and tastes that designers and chefs have used their skills to create legendary pieces of chocolate for the super-rich customers, which we also had shown in the World’s most expensive chocolates. Now with chocolatier Paul Wittamer and jeweler Fabienne Lascar, the world’s most expensive chocolate praline comes to prominence, worth $240,000.

World’s most expensive chocolate praline is worth $240000_01

Created in Brussels, Belgium, this chocolate praline seems to piece of art when it comes to the culinary expertise put in. Tasted by experts, the taste of this unique piece of chocolate is known dark ganache, caramel, with helpings of ginger and a dressing of edible gold leaf. But what really adds the special touch is the single 3.63-carat diamond which is the main garnish on the chocolate, packaged singularly with each piece of that unique chocolate. Considering the high value, the packaging had to be unique as well, since it is crafted specially to hold this unique item, and from what we can say, will also have details of the authenticity of the jewel. But, what remains a question to us is, will the addition of the diamond add anything to the chocolate’s taste and flavoring properties? Well when you have the kind of cash lying, like the uber-rich folks, things like these do take second choice.

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