Yuee Design Launch Minimal Floor Lamp

Berlin-based studio Yuue Design design a minimal floor lamp made from iron and marble. ‘Balancer’, embraces practicality and timeless lines and offers an optimized light director thanks to it’s bending lever and intreractive structure.

minimal floor lamp
minimal floor lamp
Available in two base colours, light grey and black marble, the Balancer intends to maintain simplicity and functionality, traits found throughout the young Chinese designers’ collections, which have won them several awards.

A circular knob is linked to the end of the horizontal element by a curved lever. Sliding the knob up or down the stem pulls this pole and causes the lamp to pivot.

“The beauty of this thing is the mechanism itself, so you see it and instantly know how it works,” said Xinyu Weng, who set up Yuue Design with fellow Bauhaus University graduate Tao Haiyue.

minimal floor lamp

“We didn’t try to cover the mechanism, instead, we exposed it in a straight forward and elegant way, so that there’s no room for unnecessary decoration.”

The lamp is similar to the studio’s Balance table light, which only turns on when a smartphone is added to the other end of the lamp as a counterweight.

“We wanted to have a more functional lamp with similar principle – which should be the focus of the product and also make up the beauty of the object,” Weng told Dezeen.

The Balancer lamp rests in a cylindrical base of marble – chosen by the designers to “bring some natural beauty” – and comes in either white or black.

Currently in prototype stage, the light made its debut as part of the Greenhouse section for emerging talent at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, which took place from 9 to 13 February 2016.